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What should I wear? ~Comfortable athletic gear

Will I lose weight? ~Yes! With consistent practice and a balanced diet you will like what you see.

Does Holistic Fluidity have an age requirement? ~ Yes, we do, 16. If you’re under 18, you’ll need to accompanied by a parent or a gaurdian to sign the speacial waiver.

Do you have a shower or childcare? ~ No. We do not provide childcare and I do not plan on offering it in the future. There is a bathroom for you to change before and after class as needed.

Do you lock your doors before class? ~Yes, Doors are locked onr minute before start time. This allows everyone to settle in and ground. Please be considerate of the instructor and everyone's time and get to class atleast 5 minutes early. Thanks!

How long are classes? ~Classes are 45, 60, and 75 minutes

Is there an attendance minimum to hold classes? ~Yes. There must be a minimum of 3 students per class to hold. If class is canceled due to attendance and you are signed up, you will receive an email from Punchpass.

What time should I arrive at the studio for class? ~ Doors open 15 minutes before class. If you are new it is recommended to arrive early. Doors will lock one minute before classtime and you will not be admitted if late.

Do I have to pre-register? ~Yes. Please pre-register for class. We currently have capped classes. Because the schedule fills up quickly, we advise you to book your classes out as far in advance as your schedule allows.

I'm new here. What is the best class for beginners? Each class is designed for all levels—whether you’re a first-time yogi or you’ve been practicing yoga for a while. If you are new and a little unsure about hopping right in, there are beginner classes availiable.

What if I'm not flexible? ~ You're not expected to be. Consistent practice and patience make perfect.

WHAT IF I HAVE AN INJURY OR MEDICAL CONDITION? ~Let us know and we can geek out on anatomy together. We are here to keep you safe. You are in good hands. Make sure your teacher knows of any conditions or illnesses—we can help you with pose variations.

What if I'm pregnant? For your baby’s health and safety, make sure it’s ok with your doctor to begin classes. If so, you have a couple different fitness options. You have Prental Yoga, Basic Barre, and dance fitness. Please reach out before signing up. Contact the studio for that information.

What if I'm sick? ~ Please use common sense. If you are contagious with anything at all keep your germs to yourself. Cold, flu, virus, or whatever it may be. Plesae keep those germs out of the studio and take a day to rest.

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